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Dec 1, 2012 1:30pm PST
, clarification, you talk about extended hours -- >> i would like to second that. >> commissioner akers? >> being new to this process, i'm going to be asking a question, if we grant the permit and there's problems with the venue, isn't it in your purview to address those issues, we're moving forward with the benefit of the doubt, then we can address the problems with the extended hours, address that later, correct? >> correct. >> so, basically you're saying let's grant it at 5:00 and if they have issues, we recondition it. >> yes. >> as we've done with other clubs in the past. >> i have a clarification, when you said you move to approve both the place of entertainment and the extended hours, did you put a limit on to 5 or did you just say extended hours? >> in the application, it says 5:00 a.m. >> unless you limit it, it's 6:00. >> right. i'm going to go with what the applicant applied for. >> okay, 5:00, okay. >> alright, so we have a motion on the floor to grant both with conditions placed on the permit for entertainment, that they retain the video for at least 30 days and provide it to the pol
Dec 4, 2012 12:30am PST
. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner hyde? >> aye. commissioner joseph? >> aye. commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner [inaudible]. >> item e kyung kim dba town music studio. >> the applicant has requested for this to be continued. >> i move to continue. >> second. >> yeah, come on up. >> dave frias, northern station, we request that the meeting be continued to next month as well. >> okay, great. >> thank you. >> i move to continue. >> second. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner lee. >> aye. >> and that is item number f, richard einselen, dba, balancoire. >> i didn't put the correct french spelling there, so it's not your fault, 2565 mission, it's the space formerly known as the blue macall, it will be a full service restaurant and dinner club, it will allow the venue to have live music, dancing private party and events, this has been in the works for sometime and the applicant has done extensive outreach including doing a meet and greet for neighbors, there's been no opposition to
Dec 3, 2012 11:30pm PST
second. >> commissioner akers. >> i second. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner hyde? >> aye. >> commissioner joseph? >> aye. >> commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner lee? >> aye. >> good luck. >> alright, moving on, we're going to item b, felice swapp, dbasf jazz, sf jazz is a non-profit organization that provides jazz education programs and jazz music performances, it's one of the largest performing arts organizations in the bay area and presents events such as jazz festivals, summer jazz, 205 franklin right around the corner between haze and fell is a brand new performing art center building, it's 35 thousand square feet, educational spaces, the building is new construction and replaces an automobile shop. sf jazz has invested millions of dollars, several years and several outreach over the last cum of year, there's been in communication of opposition and sfpd recommends approval of the project. >> i'm the executive operating director of sf jazz and after about 30 years of performance here in san francisco started by our founder, ronald kl
Dec 4, 2012 5:30pm PST
. >> and akers. >> here. >> and commissioner i believe, newlin is excused this evening. >> and commissioner perez is also excused. >> thank you. >> and so, we are going to make adjustments to the agenda. we are going to move permits up to the first order of business commissioners. followed by public comment. and we are going to continue the executive director's report. and read in the police department comments and questions. >> okay. so moving right along to hearing possible option regarding application for permit for the commission, 4 a. pablo patino, doing business as taqueria guadalajara. 4798 mission street for an extended hours permit. you are up. >> taqueria guadalajara is a privately opened restaurant, and they have a abc license and this application will allow them to operate after two and before six and they recommend approving this with eleven proposed conditions which are attached at the front of your packet. >> and the applicant here? >> hello? >> all right. >> turn the mic on. >> technical difficulties. >> hello? >> i apologize. >> hi my name is pablo patino. and i am here applying
Dec 7, 2012 7:30am PST
neighborhood policy. and commissioner akers has another thing to add for whoever is going to make the motion. >> the motion the condition that they have clearly posted hours. >> okay. so who wants to make... >> the motion are 1, 2, 3 and then on the back four and five which are to two security guards from 12 a.m. which is not one, but 12 to 3. >> all right and the camera. >> 12 to 3:30. >> right. >> 3:30. >> i have a question as to can we require that there are ropes out there to control the issues since they have problems with fighting and that way there could even be you cannot be past this point because we will not be able to serve you because we are closing. >> stantions? >> yes. >> outside a rope to control the crowds as well as a posting that says once you get to this point we will no longer serve you because you are not going to get in by three. >> a suggestion, not to try to operate this business as a commissioner, but to instruct them as to the end result that you are looking for and so if there is a way that you could turn the condition that you have just described into something t
Dec 4, 2012 12:00am PST
with that, i move to approve. >> i second it. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner hyde? >> aye. >> commissioner joseph? >> aye. >> commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner lee? >> aye. >> awesome, good luck. >> yeah, good luck. >> i'll take that hard hat. >> alright, with that, i would like to call item number c, chadwick baumbach, like erma, dba, lot 46. >> so, this is an application for two permits you're considering this evening, extended hours and place of entertainment, 46 geary is between grant and kerny, this is a basement space ask the applicant intend to -- an up scale lounge, we've seen several letters of support are in your packet, at least 7 and we've received 0 oppositions of concern, and i believe central station is still here but i understand the sfpd also recommends approval of this application. >> before we go on, we have one announcement from the dias. >> i believe i need to make this disclosure that mr. baumbach was a client of mine but that relationship ended in 2009 and i feel like i can sit on this permit objectively. >> alri
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
, akers continues to have problems. he made two of four field goal attempts. this meant they only lead it 7-6 at the half. with smith still sidelined, francois is trying to fill the void. frenchy did just that. later in the third and they team up again. crabtree with eight catches for a career high 172 yards and two touchdowns. he is the first 9er to have a thousand yards receiving since terrell owens in 2003. early in the fourth and frank gore sets a franchise record with his 51st rushing touchdown. 27-13 was the final. for the second straight year, san francisco captures the nfc west. >> i am extremely happy. that was our mission. that was our one thing we wanted to get done today. we dpot that done. we got that done. the western division champions, that's means a lot to us and to our players. >> green bay in minnesota wept down to the final seconds. adrian peterson ran for 199 yards. came up short, just nine yards short of dickerson's single season record. that set up the go ahead field goal as the vikings win it 37-34. that drew this reaction from the san francisco locker room beca
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)